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Hello, and welcome to Transtar, the market leader in Value Innovation.

Did you know that our company is winning all kinds of customer service awards from shippers large and small?

The reason is quite simple.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the best-in class, on time, and claims free service at a fair and equitable price. Exceptional is our strategic organizing principle. If that sounds like the kind of supply chain partner you would like to have on your team, then give us a call.

We’d love to hear from you.

205 Avro avenue, Pointe-Claire (Qc)
Canada H9R 6A9    MAP -

T: (514) 697-2220
F: (514) 697-2412


Randall J Viens
- President

  • randall@transporttranstar.com

  • Kim Thorne
    - General Manager

  • kim@transporttranstar.com

  • Kimberley Paquette
    - Adminstrative Assistant

  • kimberley@transporttranstar.com

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